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Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy

is a condition of the nervous system that typically causes numbness, tingling, burning, aching, and a variety of other symptoms. Many patients also report experiencing restless legs or throbbing, cramping pains in their hands or feet.

Neuropathy is a progressive condition, meaning it tends to get worse with time. If left untreated for too long, the nerve damage can reach a point where there is simply nothing that can be done. This is why early detection and treatment of peripheral neuropathy is critical to getting the best results.

One of the most dangerous aspects of peripheral neuropathy is the effect that it can have on balance. If the nerves in the feet are damaged and not sending good communication to the brain this results in alterations in balance. Many patients with neuropathy report that they feel unsteady on their feet, or have a hard time walking in a straight line.

This is why we believe peripheral neuropathy is a life and death condition. As balance continues to deteriorate the risk for falls, fractures, and extended stays in the hospital increase astronomically.

At Kotila Chiropractic & Rehab our mission is not just to treat the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy; it is to help you regain your quality of life so you can return to the activities you love!

Neuropathy Treatment

Imagine Life without the Debilitating Pain of Peripheral Neuropathy.

  • Breakthrough for Peripheral Neuropathy Sufferers!
    The debilitating pain, numbness & tingling experienced by patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy can be successfully treated – without the use of drugs and surgery.
  • “You’ll just have to live with it” was the doctor’s diagnosis.
    That may be easy to say if you’re NOT the one that’s been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy.
  • We believe that you deserve better when it comes to the treatment of your neuropathy.
    Too many physicians want to rush you out of the office without really listening and give you yet another pill to mask your symptoms.

Our doctors take your condition very seriously, as we believe it is critical to prevent the balance problems, falls, and fractures that neuropathy can cause. We will sit down with you to determine if you’re a candidate for this ground-breaking treatment, and review all of your options.

These cutting-edge treatments include NASA developed infrared light therapy, vibration therapy to increase peripheral circulation, and gentle electrical stimulation treatments to block pain signals produced by the brain. We also utilize specific protocols to enhance balance and improve the soreness and stiffness in the feet often caused by neuropathy.

By restoring circulation to the feet or hands, we can actually regenerate damaged nerve tissue. Even better is that these changes are maintained for the long term with the simple home therapies and nutritional protocols that you’ll continue on your own.

At Kotila Chiropractic & Rehab we like to think that we combine the newest and most cutting-edge technologies with good old-fashioned patient care.