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Exams and Testing

DOT Certified Testing

DOT regulations require that CDL holders have a DOT driver physical every two years or less (depending on current health status) to maintain safety on the roads. But the rules are not only for the drivers. A new rule effective in September of 2011 requires that all physicians wanting to offer DOT medical exams be certified to conduct the exams. Dr. Kotila is DOT certified, and is conducting exams in his Brandon chiropractic office with or without an appointment. Don’t let another day go by without getting your DOT physical exam!

Drug Testing

Not only does Kotila Chiropractic offer the DOT driver medical exam, but also drug testing for all types of employment needs. Our drug testing services are available to all companies, not only to the transportation industry. Whether you’re a staffing agency looking for a new drug testing facility for all your candidates, or you’re a small company looking to test a new or existing employee, send them to Kotila Chiropractic for your future drug testing needs.

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